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One Big Customer Bouncer Inspection
19 May 2021

One big customer from USA, whose office in China. Their representatives come to our factory for inspection before shipment by container. The large scale inflatable obstacle course inflated for inpection,they check every details,sewing,durability,D rngs,printing,zipper and others.This kind of commercial use bouncers is common for outdoor sports adult and children. It is ideal for parties, events, recreation centers,races and more. Beside the obstacle course bouncer,others like large bounce house,water slide,jumping castle with slide,all ship together by one 40ft container.

Handling and storage precautions for an inflatable raft
24 August 2022

The inflatable raft is an inflatable boat that is widely used for leisure, recreation, fishing and fishing on the water. Compared to traditional boats, the inflatable raft is safer and can be adapted to a wide range of waters. Let's take a look at the operating and storage precautions for the drop stitch floor inflatable raft.

Introduction to an inflatable raft
27 August 2022

Due to the high and low-temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, and aging resistance of the rubber, as well as its high and durable adhesive fastness, the drop stitch floor inflatable raft can be used for 5-8 years under correct use and storage conditions and is very easy to maintain.

Safe handling and care of the inflatable raft
29 August 2022

In addition to the international standard ISO 6185 for boats, there are now more detailed and stringent standards from European organizations. These standards make specific provisions regarding material strength, resistance to high and low temperatures, resistance to various types of corrosion and bonding fastness, inflatable working pressure, buoyancy, resistance to sinking (air chamber separation), stability, and quality of spare parts and accessories and various performance tests.

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