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All Fun Wholesale Inflatable Packrafts Backpack Packrafting Gear
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All Fun Wholesale Inflatable Packrafts Backpack Packrafting Gear

The main feature of a typical packraft is made of durable tpu nylon material,which is lightweight,portable,small size after folding,one backpack is enough to hold,light to carry on a hiking trip for a multi-sport adventure.Packrafts are becoming more and more popular among paddlers and wilderness trippers.
Color:Yellow,Green,Army Green,Black,Orange,Light Blue,Dark Blue,Red
  • AFC-265-010

  • All Fun

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Product Description

All fun tpu nylon light packraft OEM outdoor bikerafting packrafts for hiking,hunting,fishing,backpacking

Backpack packrafts are tough and made of durable material. They are designed to take the bumps and scrapes you can expect from using a boat in wild water. 

And even better, should something happen, they are cheap and easy to repair.With a packraft you have the versatility to mix hiking or biking with rafting in the same trip. 

They are quick and easy to get ready to use/pack away, requiring just a few minutes to inflate with a special inflation bag and even less time to deflate.

- Outer length:265cm

- Outer width:94cm

- Tube:28cm   

All fun packraft design and make the packraft as per your requirement.Various of designs are available.The design for one person and two persons,with spraydeck or without spraydeck,for calm water or whitewater,all different models are acceptable.We have different colors for packraft,single color or mixed colors,all details depends on your demands.Our aim is to make your padddling with packraft comfortable.

wild water packraft with inflatable floor


- Ultra lightweight,portable,one packpack enough to hold

- Imported and high intensity tpu nylon material

- Skilled workmanship

- Complete set of standard equipment

- Large,comfortable and removable seat

- High quality boston valve

- Easy,fast to inflate

hunting fishing tpu packraft

high quality drifing boat packraft

one person packraft factory

high quality single packraft package

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