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Tpu Soft Portable Yatch Marine Fuel Tank
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Tpu Soft Portable Yatch Marine Fuel Tank

Product Name:Foldable soft durable fuel storage bag/oil bladder/diesel tank
Material:PVC/TPU material,thickness:0.70-1.40mm
Application:Manufacturing Plant, Food & Beverage Factory, Farms, Restaurant, Home Use, Retail, Food Shop, Construction works , Energy & Mining, Food & Beverage Shops
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Basic information for flexible bladder tank

TPU/PVC Pillow Rain Water Storage Tank Drinking Water Bladder

Product Name PVC/TPU Foldable Flexible Soft Water Storage Bladder,liquid tank,oil bladder,waste water storage bag
Material PVC / TPU
Thickness 0.8MM / 0.9MM / 1.0MM / 1.2MM / 1.4MM
According to Tank Volume
Color According to Pantone & RAL Color Chart
Shape Pillow,Square,Onion
Standard International Exporting Standard
Grade Drink Water Grade / Food Contact Grade / Industrial Liquid
LAB Self-Laboratory in house to test strength, water tightness, water pressure, etc
After-sales Service Provided Free spare parts, Video technical support
Temperature -30ºC-70ºC
Applicable Industries Manufacturing Plant, Food & Beverage Factory, Farms, Restaurant, Home Use, Retail, Food Shop, Construction works , Energy & Mining, Food & Beverage Shops
Certification ISO9001, SGS, CTI, ROHS,FDA
warranty 2 years

Our company provide customized water bladder,fuel tank,oil tank, two kinds of material PVC and TPU for your choice.
1. TPU is FDA approved material, it's most suitable for human drinking,also for fuel storage.
2. PVC is suitable for animal water drinking,farm irrigation,waste water storage  etc.
Thickness we provide 0.7mm , 0.9mm , 1.0mm, 1.2mm, for choice.
In a word ,It can be-used to store Industrial water, Fire water, Fire fighting, Rainwater harvesting, Irrigation water, Humanitarian, Concrete mixing water, Drinking water, Slope green water, Sewage water storage and Oil.
marine fuel bladder

soft tpu marine bladder

Multi-liquid Bladder Tanks
Flixble Bladder Tanks(Pillow Tanks) use as various liquid storage containment. Water storage, including the potable drinking water. As we have other types of materials for different usages, Then:  Chemical storage, like wastewater treatment. Fuel storage, high quality standard. So pillow tanks widely use in Residential, Industrial, Agriculture for Liquid Storage.In the end, different working places, differnt requirements, we can do the custom bladders.

The common shapes of water bladder
soft water bladder
About package
fuel storage bladder tank

Introduction to Flexible Bladder Tank

Water/fuel storage bladder is a new type of soft liquid storage tank.

Feature of material,PVC material is limited to bladder to store water.TPU mateiral is for bladder to store both fuel and water.(The material is different for different liquid,please check with our sales for details).The The soft water tank and fuel bladder is applied in storing typical water,waste water,c hemical liquid,oil,fuel,gasoline,diesel,or where it is not convenient to build permanent storage equipment, public works and industrial fields where are relatively high sealing requirements for the stored liquids.

Soft water and oil storage bladder ,it is a good helper for agriculture, construction and transportation, with professional equipment and advanced technology. It is mainly used for water and oil storage. It plays an important role in water supply and oil transportation, and is especially suitable for hilly, mountainous, plateau and other geographical environment. The water and oil bladder can be customized according to types of  vehicles. It replaces the heavy, rusty and short life iron cans and other hard cans. In terms of transportation, the vehicle body will not be damaged due to poor road surface and the vehicle life will not be reduced. It can be folded and stored when not in use, eliminating round trip transportation, and has good sealing and corrosion resistance. It can be used to store various irritant liquids, with life span of 6-8 years. The volume of soft water and oil storage bladder varies from 20 to 1000 cubic meters. The general design height is between 0.5 meters and 1.2 meters. The bottom area can be open or closed according to the site conditions.Several inlet and outlet valves or quick couplings can be set,single air valve can be set to ensure that the liquid does not contact with the air as much as possible, several cleaning openings can be installed according to customer requirements. Features of soft water and oil storage bags,efficient and convenient, foldable after using, small size, no affects to the surrounding environment, has become a benchmark in the industry.

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