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TPU Hiking Hunting Whitewater Portable Backpacking Packraft
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TPU Hiking Hunting Whitewater Portable Backpacking Packraft

●Item:TPU whitewater adventure packraft
●Outer length:265cm,Outer width:94cm,Tube:28cm
●Color:Regular color like Yellow,Green,Army Green,Olive Green,Black,Orange,Light Blue,Dark Blue,Red
●Material:High quality tpu 210D/420D for tube,tpu 420D/840D for floor.
●Feature:Durable,heavy duty,light weight compact and portable 
●Standard equipment include large triangle seat,stuff bag,inflatable backrest,inflation bag,repair kits,strape
●Product Origin:Fuzhou,Fujian,China
  • AFJ-265-010

  • All Fun

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Product Description

TPU Hiking Hunting Whitewater Portable Backpacking Packraft

This is the design for packraft with removable spraydeck and skirt,that is design for whitewater/adventure under tough and harsh conditions.The main feature of a typical packraft is made of durable tpu nylon material,which is lightweight,portable,small size after folding,one backpack is enough to hold,light to carry on a hiking trip for a multi-sport adventure.Packrafts are becoming more and more popular among paddlers and wilderness trippers.

To begin your paddling adventures,packrafts are an accessible way,not need prior experience.They are lightweight,comfortable and stable,making them desired boats for beginners learning the ropes of river travel and whitewater paddling.

Size Information

- Outer length:265cm

- Outer width:94cm

- Tube:28cm

Material:Some would like to have 210D tpu material for tube,and 420D or 840D tpu material for floor.But some would like to have 420D tpu material for tube and 840D tpu for floor.Many different colors are available.

Size:The customized size is acceptable.

Standard equipment:Stuff bag*1,Large Triangle Seat*1,Inflatable backrest*1,Inflation bag*1, Straping*1, Repair kits*1,

all fun whitewater packraft

tpu hiking hunting packraft

All Fun Packraft Feature

•Stable on the water

•Comfortable for long paddles

•Fun and engaging/responsive boats

•Capable of carrying heavy loads/lots of gear

•Durable and very lightweight

•Easy to transport 

•Great for beginner whitewater paddlers learning the basics

About Accessory

light inflatable packraft accessory

inflatable hiking fishing packraft

210D tpu fishing packraft factory

How to Store,Care and Maintain Your Packraft

Clean your packraft: Washing with mild soap helps keep your boat clean and prevent the spread of invasive species across waterways.

Air dry your packraft: If your boat is stored wet, it will damage the TiZip-zipper and can develop a strong odour which can be very difficult to remove. In addition, wet packrafts canspread invasive species. We recommend hanging your boat to dry after every trip, before storing. Letting it dry while inflated is another great option.

Storing your packraft: After it is clean and dry, we recommend storing your packraft in a cool dry place with good air flow. Hanging, loosely rolled up or loosely folded are good methods. To reduce UV aging, do not store your packraft in direct sunlight.

Do not use “UV-Protectant” or similar sprays on your packrafts: These sprays create a hard outer coating that prevents repair materials and glue from sticking to the packraft.If you do accidentally use an UV-Protectant spray on your boat, it will wear off after some time.

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