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Storage,Care and Maintenance to Packaft
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Storage,Care and Maintenance to Packaft

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Here ar some recommendation for storage,Care and maintenance to inflatable packraft

Clean your packraft: Washing with mild soap helps keep your boat clean and prevent the spread of invasive species across waterways.

Air dry your packraft: If your boat is stored wet, it will damage the TiZip-zipper and can develop a strong odour which can be very difficult to remove. In addition, wet packrafts canspread invasive species. We recommend hanging your boat to dry after every trip, before storing. Letting it dry while inflated is another great option.

Storing your packraft: After it is clean and dry, we recommend storing your packraft in a cool dry place with good air flow. Hanging, loosely rolled up or loosely folded are good methods. To reduce UV aging, do not store your packraft in direct sunlight.

Do not use"UV-Protectant"or similar sprays on your packrafts: These sprays create a hard outer coating that prevents repair materials and glue from sticking to the packraft.If you do accidentally use an UV-Protectant spray on your boat, it will wear off after some time.

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