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Single Light TPU Hiking Packraft Boat with Self Bailer
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Single Light TPU Hiking Packraft Boat with Self Bailer

Item:Cheap TPU Packraft with Self Bailer
Material:The tube of boat is made of 210D/420D tpu nylon ,the floor of packraft is made of durable 420D/840D tpu nylon,which depends on your requirement.
Regular color like blue,light blue,olive green,army green,red,yellow,brown,black
Standard equipment come with packraft,Stuff bag,Large Triangle Seat,Inflatable backrest,Inflation bag,Straping,Repair kits
Size:Custom size is acceptable
Product Origin:Fuzhou,Fujian,China
Lead Time:10-15 days
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Product Description

Single Self-bailing TPU Lightweight Packraft with Tizip

All fun packrafts are made of urethan coated nylon which is very durable and flexible material.Compared to other material like PVC or Hypalon, urethan coated nylon is much more anti-abrasion and UV tolerant.It keeps very flexible even in low temperature, so you will be able to enjoy packrafting throughout the year. Moreover, the urethan coated nylon is almost non-aging and very lightweight material.One packrafts packed is small size,it could pack small enough,and it is made by strong and light weight tpu material,so it is light enough to carry in a backpack.The samll size and minimal weight make packrafts perfect outdoor games for hikers,bikers and other sorts of outdoor sports.

Size Information

- Outer length:255cm

- Inner length:130m

- Outer width:94cm

- Inner width:38cm

- Tube:28cm

Material:210D/420D tpu coated nylon for tube,420D/840D tpu coated nylon for floor

Size:We accept custom design,size,color and your logo.

Standard equipment:Stuff bag*1, Large Triangle Seat*1,Inflatable backrest*1,Inflation bag*1, Straping*1, Repair kits*1

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whitewater packraft

People like to calssify packrafts into two types,one is for calm water,the other is for whitewater. Calm water packrafts are made for still and calmer waters. They’re significantly lighter and more portable than whitewater packrafts and compress down to a smaller size. Owing to these features,the calm water pacrkrafts are preferred choice for most ultralight backpackers. Meanwhile,lake pacrafts are also cheaper than whitewater models, making them ideal for beginners who just get into the sprot.

Whitewater packrafts are made for ride rapids.Commonly,this kind of packrafts are used under tough and harsh conditions,they are a lot more durable than calm water packraft.The design of whitewater models is usually more complex and often with spraydecks.


1. What is the material for packraft?

Allfun packraft is made of urethane coated nylon,the main feature for the material is light, abrasion resistance, tear resistance UV tolerant, anti-aging and flexible at low temperature.And it is eco-friendly.

2. Who is Allfun Packraft.

Fujian All Fun New Material Technology Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer concentrate on packraft.

3. How long for guarantee?

We promise 2 year warranty.

4. What design should I choose?

There are several different models to choose from,according to the capacity,there are one person and two persons packraft.As per where it is used,there are whitewater and still water packraft.Please check the details of the product to find one you prefer,or contact us +86 13850194524,we feel happy to give your assistance on this.

5. How do I inflate the packraft?

Our packrafts come with a inflation bag,you could inflate like this.Open the valve and connect with inflation bag,grab the air and squeeze it,repeat the last step until the packraft is 80-90% inflated.Then blow directly into the valve by mouth until you have added enough pressure to make the tube of your boat firm.

6. How should I store it?

After it is clean and dry,we recommend storing your packraft in a cool dry place with good air flow away from direct exposure to hot sunlight or cold conditions.Hanging,loosely rolled up or loosely folded are good methods.

7. What is the shipping ?

Air express,Airshipping,sea are all available as per your requirement.

8.  Is it possible to order a sample?

Absolutely yes,sample is acceptable as per your requirement.

Fujian All Fun New Material Technology Co.,Ltd is a comprehensive outdoor recreational sports company,concentration on R&D,design, production, distribution. We have 3 plants...




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