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Safe handling and care of the inflatable raft
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Safe handling and care of the inflatable raft

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Safe handling and care of the inflatable raft

In addition to the international standard ISO 6185 for boats, there are now more detailed and stringent standards from European organizations. These standards make specific provisions regarding material strength, resistance to high and low temperatures, resistance to various types of corrosion and bonding fastness, inflatable working pressure, buoyancy, resistance to sinking (air chamber separation), stability, and quality of spare parts and accessories and various performance tests. If the boat manufacturers strictly follow the requirements of the standards, the safety of the drop stitch floor inflatable raft is guaranteed. Next, we take a look at the safe operation and care of the inflatable raft.

Here is the content list:

l The 11 rules of safe operation and use of the inflatable raft.

l How do I take care of the inflatable raft?

The 11 rules of safe operation and use of the inflatable raft.

Firstly, every owner of an inflatable raft should wear appropriate clothing and be equipped with a quality life jacket and other personal life-saving equipment. Secondly, do not use the inflatable raft alone while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. thirdly, the load must be evenly distributed and if the outboard motor is used with a light load, do not accelerate suddenly. Operator error may adversely affect the boat's stability and handling performance. Fourthly, please configure the outboard motor for the inflatable raft within the performance specifications and do not overload the boat. Fifthly, incorrect use of the outboard motor can cause incalculable damage to the user. We do not equip our double wall fabric inflatable raft with any outboard motors that are not certified for quality. Please do not drive at high speed in areas where swimmers are present and please do not allow swimmers near the dinghy with the motor still running. Sixthly, keep an eye on the fuel residual at all times. Seventh, do not wade into unfamiliar waters without any information. Eighthly, always leave your departure information (time and place) before you set off, and allow for the time and place you plan to return. Ninth, navigation lights may be a must. Users are advised not to sail at night and in bad weather conditions unless the navigation system is properly installed and used. Tenthly, you should have a good understanding of general waterways regulations and local environmental regulations before using a dinghy. Eleventhly, you should always keep safety equipment such as flared trousers, first aid kits, and anchors at the forefront of your mind on long voyages.

How do I take care of the inflatable raft?

If the inflatable raft is being towed by another boat, make sure that there are no occupants on the white water rafting. The ropes of the raft should be secured to the "D" rings on both sides of the raft and the raft being towed should be monitored at all times. The anchor and mooring ropes should be secured to the "D" ring. It is also advisable not to push the boat around on the beach or to drag it over gravel, sand, and roads when placing it on the beach. These actions can lead to damage to the surface of the boat. If the inflatable raft is to be temporarily parked on the beach for any reason, it should be kept partially submerged at all times to avoid increased air pressure in the air chamber due to sun exposure. If the inflatable raft is to be left out of the water for some time, cover it with an awning to protect it from the sun.

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