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Precautions for Daily Use and Maintenance Suggestions to Packraft
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Precautions for Daily Use and Maintenance Suggestions to Packraft

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Avoid exposure to the sun

When the air pressure is sufficient and not used in the water, it is recommended to properly deflate the hull, seat and backrest, or place the hull upside down to protect the air bag of the seat and backrest.

Beware of sharp objects

TPU material is abrasion resistant but not puncture resistant, so as to minimize the friction between packraft and sharp objects.

Pay attention to sharp rocks or wires and any object that will cause scratch during use.

When the raft is ashore, avoid dragging the boat on rocks or shells.

Cleaning after use

The hull needs to be stored in dry condition, otherwise it will cause zipper corrosion, damage to the anti-wave deck and other accessories, and dry storage will be helpful for extending the life span of the packraft.

After getting ashore from the water of the lake,wipe the dirt on the surface of the boat with a wet towel, then wipe the hull with a dry towel.

After getting ashore from the seawater, it is necessary to wash the packraft with fresh water and then wipe the ship with dry towel.

Avoid using chemicals

Avoid to use sunscreen,mosquito repellent,or any other chemicals on the kayak.The chemicals will leave traces on the boat and cannot be cleaned.

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