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Introduction to the commercial bouncer
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Introduction to the commercial bouncer

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Outdoor water games are ideal for adults and children during the summer months when most people want to go on holiday. Our commercial bouncers include inflatable water slides, inflatable water trampolines, rafts, kayaks, packaged boats, and inflatable floating water parks are all popular sports. To meet the delivery requirements, we make a lot of preparations before the season such as stock of raw materials and accessories, sufficient skilled workers, reliable and stable suppliers, efficient machines, responsible and effective team. All these factors enable us to produce in good condition and deliver on time as you would expect. Choose our inflatable castle for ample capacity, fast equipment, high and safe quality, and fun water games that will bring you and your family great summer memories.

Here is the content list:

l Basic information about the commercial bouncer.

l Commercial bouncer product description.

l Product details of the commercial bouncer.

Basic information about the commercial bouncer.

The commercial bouncer is an inflatable children's outdoor play equipment made of PVC mesh. The commercial bouncer is designed according to the children's love of playing in the open air, with a slide, a variety of animal shapes, and a wide range of entertaining activities, which children love. It is innovative, colorful, and durable. The commercial inflatable bouncer can be designed and manufactured according to different sites, and the colors can be matched according to your choice.

Commercial bouncer product description.

The inflatable bouncy castle is made of high-strength PVC tarpaulin for safety and durability. The surrounding walls are high enough to protect you from falling out. Sliding down from the top can be exciting and when sliding to the bottom you won't fall on the floor, there is a step designed to protect your hips and feet. Climbing from the bottom to the top, just like the installation, the commercial bouncer is an amazing outdoor experience. The commercial bouncer is a good-looking, sensible design and a beautiful color scheme. Any adult or child will want to try it at first glance. It has a large jumping area, enough for several people to jump, run, and race. The basketball frame is attractive. The climbing wall is a fantastic experience, so jump, slide and climb on the trampoline and enjoy every moment. Also, the commercial bouncer's inflatable water slide has two slides, with the climbing area in the middle, which is a long and big water slide castle for the kids. We have our design team so we can design to your specifications and we also do OEM orders. The commercial bouncer is perfect for parties, events, entertainment centers, openings, festivals, trade shows, rental businesses, and more.

Product details of the commercial bouncer.

A inflatable bouncy castle is made from commercial grade PVC tarpaulin, 1000D/18oz, high tensile, tear, and abrasion strength. It is lead-free, azo-free, flame retardant, water resistant, and UV resistant. The commercial bouncer has a minimum order quantity of 1 piece and a 1 to 2-year warranty bouncers come in a variety of designs, are fun, safe, and colorful, and also accept custom sizes, designs, and logos.

If you are interested in our commercial bouncer products or have other requirements, please feel free to contact us. Our official website is https://www.allwantfun.com/. Our cost-effective products will bring you a better experience of using them.

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