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Introduction to an inflatable raft
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Introduction to an inflatable raft

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Introduction to an inflatable raft

Due to the high and low-temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, and aging resistance of the rubber, as well as its high and durable adhesive fastness, the drop stitch floor inflatable raft can be used for 5-8 years under correct use and storage conditions and is very easy to maintain. The civil inflatable raft has undergone more than 40 years of development internationally and its manufacturing technology, whether in theory or practice, has been quite mature and strictly regulated. Next, let's take a look at the introduction to an inflatable raft.

Here is the content list:

l Basic information about the inflatable raft.

l Performance and advantages of the inflatable raft.

l What should I look for when buying an inflatable raft?

Basic information about the inflatable raft.

The inflatable raft is compact and with the addition of a stern thruster, the speed of navigation can be increased significantly. The inflatable raft is widely used for leisure, recreation, fishing, and fishing on the water. Generally speaking, the inflatable raft is divided into several independent air chambers, which are highly airtight. The whole boat is very resistant to sinking and will remain afloat even when the whole boat is filled with water, even when the boat is already at maximum load (safety limit)! Due to the buoyancy tires on both sides of the inflatable raft, the possibility of the hull tipping sideways into the water is minimal. The double wall fabric inflatable raft can be dismantled and transferred flexibly compared to wooden, aluminum, or fiberglass dinghies, and it has a good impact cushioning effect.

Performance and advantages of the inflatable raft.

Firstly, all inflatable rafts are made of imported PVC fabric, which is airtight, wear-resistant, and has a long service life. Secondly, white water rafting uses imported air valves, which are convenient, safe, and reliable. Thirdly, all bonding parts are bonded with imported glue, the peel strength, as well as high-temperature resistance, hydrolysis resistance, UV resistance, and other properties, are greatly superior to domestic glue, even under sunlight exposure, the solid performance of inflatable raft connection parts is fully guaranteed. Fourthly, the imported material has high color fastness and the color of the cloth surface is as new as ever, and the imported special wear-resistant two-color fender makes the hull durable.

What should I look for when buying an inflatable raft?

With the rise of yachts, the lightweight and compact inflatable raft is gaining more and more attention. Almost all yachts are equipped with an inflatable raft when they go sailing, so what are the tricks to choosing a quality whitewater riverboat? Firstly, it is important to balance portability, and secondly, to choose the right hull material for the environment in which the boat will be used. But whatever the inflatable raft, safety is the most important thing. The first thing to consider when choosing an inflatable raft is the following: firstly, balancing portability and performance on the water to choose the right form of bottom; secondly, choosing the right hull material for the environment in which the boat will be used; and thirdly, buying the biggest boat within your budget and space requirements.

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