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Handling and storage precautions for an inflatable raft
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Handling and storage precautions for an inflatable raft

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Handling and storage precautions for an inflatable raft

The inflatable raft is an inflatable boat that is widely used for leisure, recreation, fishing and fishing on the water. Compared to traditional boats, the inflatable raft is safer and can be adapted to a wide range of waters. Let's take a look at the operating and storage precautions for the drop stitch floor inflatable raft.

Here is the content list:

l What are the operational considerations for the inflatable raft?

l Storage precautions for the inflatable raft.

What are the operational considerations for the inflatable raft?

Firstly, the double wall fabric inflatable raft comes standard with a double oar, paddle bolts and a rowing seat. Secure the raft to the paddle pegs with the paddle peg nuts, and do not use the raft as a lever. It is important to know the local water conditions before deciding whether to use an outboard motor or an oar. The power of an inflatable raft is not sufficient to combat the currents of the harbour inlet and the waves of the sea, nor can it be used in extremely tight passages or to navigate in the shallows. Secondly, take special care not to overpower the motor for the dinghy! Over-provisioning will make it less stable and less manoeuvrable. Use an emergency switch with a lanyard, which will stop the motor. In any case, the operator of the motor should be in control of this tether. When the white water rafting is in motion, everyone should sit on the deck. To prevent the possibility of falling over the side of the boat, do not sit in the air chamber or on the car seat. When operating a dinghy with an outboard motor alone, ride as far away from the bow as possible and do not sit on the oarsman's seat. Do not accelerate suddenly to avoid falling under the boat. Thirdly, check the engine fixing regularly. An unsecured outboard motor can cause the boat to sway from side to side during use, and you risk losing it. Please read the operating instructions carefully before fitting and using the inflatable raft.

Storage precautions for the inflatable raft.

After use, the inflatable raft and all its accessories should be scrubbed with a mild detergent and rinsed with water. After drying, all parts should be packed in a carrying case before storage to prevent mould and mildew. To keep the boat in a new condition, store it in a dry, cool place and avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight. To avoid damage to the whitewater river boat during storage, do not place large and heavy objects on it.

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