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Green Tpu Backpack Hiking Packraft with Fixed Spraydeck
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Green Tpu Backpack Hiking Packraft with Fixed Spraydeck

●Item:Adventure packraft with spraydeck
●Material:The tube is 210D nylon single coated with Urethane,the floor is 420D nylon double side coated with Urethane.
●Standard equipment include large triangle seat,stuff bag,inflatable backrest,inflation bag,repair kits,strape
●We have different colors for option,light blue,dark blue,green,olive green,brown,army green,orange,red,yellow
●Feature:Durable,compact,light weight,portable and stable
●Product Origin:Fuzhou,Fujian,China
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Product Description

Outdoor durable single hiking adventure packraft for whitewater

This model is a classic design for whitewater,it comes with fixed and round spraydeck,also include skirt.The spraydeck is completely waterproof,gives great protection against harsh weather conditions,can withstand the pressure of waves.The well-designed shape make the packraft move faster,but also stable on water.

All fun packraft is made from high quality urethane(polyurethane) coated nylon,the feature for the material is light, abrasion resistance,tear resistance, UV tolerant, anti-aging and flexible at low temperature.And it is eco-friendly material.The tube is 210D high-strength nylon single coated with Urethane,the floor is 420D high-strength nylon double coated with Urethane.

This design has its strength in whitewater, but it is travel-friendly and suitable for calm water. Combined tours on land and water are a joy with it. It is a full-featured, universal packraft.It allows you to explore rivers, lakes, beaches, fjords,mountain lagoons and more.

Size Information

- Outer length:265cm

- Outer width:94cm

- Tube:28cm

There are many other sizes for option,we accept custom design,size,color,logo.

Different from cheap pool toys,packrafts are firm,made of durable material and skilled workmanship.Because of the special designs,the packraft could take the bumps and scrapes you can expect from using a packraft in wild water.It is easy to repair when something happen.

They are quick and easy to get ready to use and pack away, requiring just a few minutes to inflate with a special inflation bag  and even less time to deflate.

packraft with fixed spraydeck

whitewater adventure packrakft

All Fun Packraft Feature

•Stable on the water

•Comfortable for long paddles

•Fun and engaging/responsive boats

•Capable of carrying heavy loads/lots of gear

•Durable and very lightweight

•Easy to transport 

•Great for beginner whitewater paddlers learning the basics

About Accessory

light inflatable packraft accessory

inflatable hiking fishing packraft

About Packraft

All Fun packraft – the ultimate adventure companion for hikers, bikers, and outdoor enthusiasts alike. This small and inflatable boat packs up small enough and light enough to carry in your backpack, making it the ideal addition to any adventure.

Crafted with superior quality materials, the packraft ensures durability and reliability, allowing you to explore even the most remote and rugged terrains without any worries. Its compact design and portability make it easy to carry, and its inflatable nature means you can set it up in minutes and be on your way to new adventures.

Take in the breathtaking views of lakes, rivers, and streams from a completely different perspective. The packraft offers a unique way to experience the great outdoors and indulge in the thrill of adventure.

So, whether you're looking to paddle through rapids or explore calm waters, the packraft is the perfect solution. So don't wait any longer, get your hands on this must-have adventure gear today and take the first step towards a lifetime of unforgettable experiences.

210D tpu fishing packraft factory

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