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DIY Repair to Packraft
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DIY Repair to Packraft

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The packraft is equipped with repair kits, you could repair it by yourself in case of slight damage to the hull.

Specific Tutorials

1、 Tool Preparation (The tools with same function available)

工具准备副本.jpgtpu packraft for hiking

2、Firstly, confirm the repaired scope.The repair edge is the position 4cm from the left and right of the crack, and 2.5cm from the top and bottom of the crack.

light hiking boat packaft

3、Draw up the repair area around where it need to be repaired.Use a pen to draw the area on the repair material which is with the same size as the repair area, cut it from the repair material and modify the four corners into rounded one, then draw a line with the repair material on crack area.

backpack light tpu packraft

4、Use tape along the line to occupy a circle of isolated area which need to be glued.

still water packraft

5、Rub the two surfaces to be bonded with sandpaper to become a rough surface.

calm water packraft with dog

6、Apply the adhesive on the repair material and the repair area evenly, and leave it for 5-10 minutes to make the adhesive dry ,(if the stickiness of adhesive is poor after drying,it is because the high humidity or low temperature in the air, just be heated by hot-air fan).

420D tpu whitewater packraft

7、After that, glue the repair material to the drawing position. When pasting, please use a hot-air fan or hair dryer to heat it,and use a flat object to compact the repair part.

lightweight tpu 420D packraft

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