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Best Multi Color High Quality One Person Backpack Packraft
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Best Multi Color High Quality One Person Backpack Packraft

Item:Hight quality backpack light boat packraft
Color:Yellow,Green,Army Green,Black,Orange,Light Blue,Dark Blue,Red
Material: The material for the hull is 210D high-strength nylon single coated with urethane,the material for the floor is 420D high-strength nylon double coated with Urethane
Shipment:Air express,Airshipping,sea are all available as per your requirement.
Product Origin:Fuzhou,Fujian,China
Standard equipment: large triangle seat,stuff bag,inflatable backrest,inflation bag,repair kits,strape.
Lead Time:10-15 days
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Product Description

• Simply put, a packraft is an inflatable boat that you can roll up and put in your backpack. These boats usually weigh about 5-10 pounds, only take up a portion of the space in your pack, and are usually inflated with a minimalist"inflation Bag" instead of a pump.

• Most notably, packrafts are durable enough to survive some level of rugged and remote usage where equipment 

failure is less of an option. They are much more durable than the similarly shaped vinyl boats or pool toys that are widely and cheaply available at big-box stores.

•Optional inflatable floor:There is an insertable full inflatable floor mat with integrated seat,which is an alternative to the seat.It covers the length of the interior and bring more insulation, buoyancy and cushioning.

Size Information

- Outer length:255cm

- Inner length:130m

- Outer width:94cm

- Inner width:38cm

- Tube:28cm

Durable 210D/420D high-strength nylon single coated with urethane for the tube,420D/840D high-strength nylon double coated with urethane for the floor.

The advantage of our matrial is light,flexible,abrasion resistance, UV protection,anti-aging and flexible at low temperatures.And it is eco-friendly material.Special treatment for smooth,much more scratch resistant surface finish .

single person pack raft

high qulaity light boat backpacking


- Ultra lightweight,portable,one packpack enough to hold

- Imported and high intensity tpu nylon material

- Skilled workmanship

- Complete set of standard equipment

- Large,comfortable and removable seat

- High quality boston valve

- Easy,fast to inflate

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About All Fun Packraft

The revolutionary Packraft, the perfect companion for your next outdoor adventure! This ultralight, durable, and portable raft is specifically designed to meet your water-based needs. With its easy-to-inflate and deflate feature, you can conveniently pack and unpack it in no time, making it ideal for hikers, campers, and adventure-seekers.

We offer two types of Packrafts to cater to your specific water requirements. Our Whitewater Packraft is perfect for adrenaline junkies who love the rush of rapids and strong currents. It is built with robust materials that can withstand rough terrain and turbulent waters. On the other hand, our Calm Water Packraft is ideal for those who enjoy a more relaxed and tranquil experience on the water. Its lightweight design allows you to navigate through calm streams and tranquil lakes with ease.

Our Packraft is made with premium quality materials that ensure long-lasting durability, so you can enjoy your water adventures for years to come. Whether you're planning a solo trip or a group adventure, our Packrafts are versatile enough to cater to all your water activities.

So, get ready to explore the great outdoors with Packraft, the ultimate adventure gear.

whitewater packraft

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